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Case Study


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Native Approach

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October 27, 2023

Revitalizing Nando’s TikTok

Engaging Nando’s project to energize their TikTok presence through a native content strategy. We’re leveraging emerging trends for authenticity, sharing engaging ‘Nando’s Truths’, nurturing a community for positive engagement, and using comment-driven outreach to expand our reach beyond existing followers.

TikTok Success

Embarking on a strategic journey, we were tasked with elevating Nando’s TikTok presence. Our approach hinges on in-app optimisation and a genuine connection with the audience. By tapping into emerging trends, sharing impactful ‘Nando’s Truths’, and fostering community engagement, we’re not just participating in the conversation; we’re leading it with innovation and authenticity.

  • Embracing Emerging Trends
  • Authentic ‘Nando’s Truths’
  • Community Nourishment Focus
  • Strategic Comment Outreach

Company Growth

Company Growth

Increased Followers

Gained 26,000+ new followers, expanding our vibrant community.

Million Video Views

Achieved over 12.5m views, captivating audiences worldwide.

Million Likes

Secured 1.5m+ likes, a testament to engaging content


Inspired 150,000+ shares, amplifying our message globally.

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